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    Wendy Wiltshire

    My day with Ruth was very constructive and motivational. I was able to identify my own barriers and, with her encouragement, have a clearer idea of what I wanted (vision) and how to achieve it (action). Ruth has a calm and supportive approach which was exactly what I needed to find my way (belief)

    £135 inc lunch

    Take back control 

    with the BVA system


    We have many thoughts in a day some good, some not so good and it's the not so good ones that clutter up our minds, take our time and generally make us miserable.


    The constant 'I can't do that' or the 'I wish I could but there are to many obstacles in the way' prevent us from being the person we know we are inside.


    Not living the way we want can get exhausting and, we may find that we are just going through the motions, rather than living the life we want.

    Which is why these personal coaching days are so great. You will come away from the day knowing that:

    • you have Decluttered and conquered your 'I can't' demons

    • you will have Rebooted your motivation to get what you want 

    • and you will know how to Get On and get it.

    • Oh! and you will feel great!

    So whether you want to spend the whole day focusing on personal issues, business, or do half and half it's entirely your choice.  It's your day to a better future.

    We have one life and it's not a dress rehearsal so why wait to shine, do it now!