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    Anne says

    Ruth provides patient and non-judgemental coaching over a vast variety of subjects including diet, confidence, handling conflict at work and techniques to overcome dyslexia.   The documents and resources available are thought provoking and encourage me to keep focused on goals.

    "Action is the foundational key    to all success" - Pablo Picasso


    Julie says

    Ruth is calm, patient, confident, organised, professional, considerate and caring in her approach.  She is able to explain the theory and processes well and gains trust in her clients.  Ruth is very approachable and I know would always be there if I needed her.  I would recommend Ruth and look forward to spending more time with her in the future.

    Kelly says

    Ruth explained each phase very well and I have had the opportunity to go back and repeat exercises using the information pack and capture sheets she provided me with.
    I have also been able to impart some of the knowledge I learnt to family/friends by sharing some of the theory/thinking processes.  As a result, a family member has now lost over 4 stone in weight and is now exercising regularly and thoroughly enjoying it.  She used to have a very sedentary lifestyle so this has improved her health greatly and Ruth is the reason behind this

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